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Testimonials from Prestige Pre-owned Inc.

Angela W – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Francisco, CA

GREAT PRE OWNED DEALER ! Chris did an amazing job selling us a beautiful Land Rover! We had been looking for a few months for a 2008 Land Rover and Prestige Pre Owned Inc had the one we wanted and we bought it! Chris was so helpful and patient as we took 2 weeks to make the final payments. We were good to go when we left the down payment and Chris was helpful in finding us a extended warrantee, and made everything so easy for us. He picked us up from the Cal Trans train station, as my husband and I travelled from San Francisco on the train to San Jose to get the car. Chris let us use his computer to contact our insurance company, and he did all the paper work efficiently and accurately. If your in the market for a beautiful high end car, at incredible at market worthy prices, and you want a quality guy who really knows his game, Chris at Prestige is your guy. If you buying or selling, he is the one you want. Thank you Chris!

Devon T – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Brentwood, CA

Devon T – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Brentwood, CA I have bought a few cars from Chris. My latest purchase was last year . He helped me fight for a good interest rate especially since my credit was not that great. I also was able to purchase a extended warranty for my piece of mind. He really looks for good quality pre owned cars with a lot of life and enjoyment left in them. Chris has a way of making you feel like family. I have followed Chris for years now and will continue to be a customer for life.

David S – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Mill Valley, CA

I really don’t look forward to buying a car, particularly from used car dealers. After nearly two decades of buying used, I always come away feeling like I’ve been violated in some way. It’s usually a deceitful, slippery, dirty game of chance – leave your morals and integrity at the door and visit the parasites of retail. Prestige Pre-Owned have completely changed all that. I now believe it’s possible to find good people who will give you a fair deal and always remember they’re in a service business with five figure price tags. These guys are great. Exactly the way any kind of car purchase should be. The whole team is open, approachable, not at all pushy and clearly like what they do. That comes over constantly and it makes buying from them a pleasure. Chris is knowledgeable on the Audi side and was very straight forward when it came to making the deal. There’s always some bargaining, but Chris has the composure and experience to recognize the best negotiations are the ones where everyone feels like they walked away with something. No funny business. Love it. It also took less than two hours to reach a deal and be out the door. I’ve bought cars in several countries as well as across Centuries and never experienced that before. When it’s time to buy another car, I’ll be going back to the same dealership for the first time in my life. If you’d like this kind of ‘seriously impressed and very happy’ experience, too, I recommend you do the same and make Prestige Pre-owned the first place you visit.

Arch D – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Jose, CA

Short Version, even though Chris didn’t have our ideal car on the lot, he found and bought one for us rather than trying to convince us to buy what he had. Gave Us a great deal and we will be back and would refer anyone looking for a quality used car. Long version below I had been looking at several diff models for about three months trying to find the best thing I could in my somewhat limited price range. After building, modifying and driving 90’s Fords for 10 years I had decided I wanted a little nicer car with less work and wouldn’t be a never ending list of projects. I had narrowed it down to a Volvo or an Audi S4 or wagon. Almost two months ago I went to Prestige to see a great Volvo s60R, and after being really happy with the car decided that the wagon would still better suit us, so we told this to Chris and then kept looking elsewhere. Couple days later while we were looking closely at one on another lot, Chris calls us and says hes going to look at one at an auction very similar to the one we were looking at and would give it to us minimally over his cost. Which was a couple thousand less than the other dealer. He went to look at it, and decided not to get it. Basically he chose to not sell us a car rather than sell us one that he felt wasn’t good enough for the Prestige name. What Used Car Dealer does that!? One week later he calls again and has found another one with all of the options we wanted checked off. He buys it and tells us the price while it is in transit to him. After he received it there were a number of previously undisclosed repairs that he said had to be done before he was comfortable selling it, But the price he quoted never changed. I’m not sure how they make money with the deal we got on this car, even after a costly transmission repair that he basically just ate before our purchase. Very happy with this Audi so far and with the wealth of info he had on this car since he is Audi Certified. I’m sure I will be updating this review with further visits and any maintenance down the road as the full service they offer through good mechanics and warranties will be money well spent. Chris made the process of getting a new to me car, that was three times the value of anything I had spent on a car before and on-board tech I was unfamiliar with, much more comfortable, and nearly a month of driving it we continue to be Happy with the result!

Alfie D – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Los Gatos, CA

Perfect car. What excellent service and vehicles! Best pre-owned in the Bay. For more than a year I had been searching for the perfect Range Rover with hard to find, low mileage,and to fit my budget. These guys, straight shooters- Chris and George came through for me big time. Managed to get me financed nicely with my not so perfect situation, as well as a great price for my Trade-in. And I got the dream black vehicle..clean as a bell, very low mileage. They fixed the little additional things I requested as well…. Lovely all around! Thanks guys. Hope you enjoyed the Champagne!

Tiffany D – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Jose, CA

This review is long overdue, but better late than never I always say. Chris is AWESOME! I bought my car from him last May and it was the best experience I’ve ever had buying a car. He is thoughtful, concerned and an all around great person! I wanted to trade/sell my Honda for something a little nicer and definitely bigger. I was referred to Chris by a friend and I’m so happy I decided to stop by. Not only did he give me a fair price for my Honda, but he got me into a car that I was madly in love with and convinced I couldn’t afford! He worked with me patiently for a couple of weeks until I was able to drive THAT car off the lot!! Best experience ever and I LOVE MY CAR! I was and still am so happy with my purchase and my experience with Chris at Prestige. The best part is he really does look out for his customers and he knew I needed something safe for my little ones. He was very patient with all of my endless questions and I never felt like I was bothering him. I will continue to see Chris for all my car needs!

Antonio T – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Elk Groove, CA

We recently purchased a vehicle from Chris. From the initial phone conversation he was courteous and professional. We ended up driving all the way from Sacramento to pick up the car we wanted. Chris stayed late to assist us and went above and beyond in customer service to ensure that we got the best deal. I would definitely recommend Prestige Pre-Owned for anyone looking to buy a car. Thanks, Chris!!

Kevin K – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Jose, CA

I want to tell you what a great experience I had buying my car with Chris. He is a very sharp guy and he tells it like it is. He explained the process very clearly to me and set my expectations up front. My car was a little difficult to find but Chris is very persistent and showed me several options. He challenged my choices and helped me commit to what I wanted. Bottom line-I got the exact kind of car I wanted, really great condition too. I got a great price and Chris found an after market warranty that gives me peace of mind knowing that I am covered in case something goes wrong. I have bought cars in the past from the Big Dealers and felt drained and taken advantage of, this was definitely the Lowest Drama Car Buying process I have ever gone through. I will go back to Chris when I need another vehicle. I came away from the transaction very pleased with the value and courtesy I was extended, Thanks Chris, Sincerely, Kevin Keifer

Susan D – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Los Gatos, CA

I recently purchased a BMW from Prestige Pre-Owned Inc. Anthony was so nice, friendly and knowledgeable. He spent the entire day while I took a test drive in almost every car on the lot. He was very sweet, patient, and did not pressure me at all. I would highly recommend purchasing a car from Prestige Pre-Owned, they not only take care of you when you purchase the car, but once you purchase a car from them you are automatically a member of their family and will help maintain your car by their expert mechanics who will not overcharge you like the dealers. Usually purchasing a car is a grueling experience, but not at Prestige Pre-owned! I highly recommend them if you are looking for a pre-owned car.

Talia L – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Oakley, CA

What an amazing team Chris , the owner has here! I was new to buying my first car Chris was an amazing help with everything and got me what I wanted for a great price! I highly recommend coming here to buy your next car!

Mark H – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Jose, CA

I purchased a Range Rover from Chris at Prestige a few months ago. The car was in near perfect condition. The sales process was smooth and basically hassle free. Although there were a few problems with the car they went the extra mile to solve the problems. The problems were not their fault but Chris and George went above and beyond what is usually expected from a used car dealer. They put their money where their mouth is. They did everything they said they would and more. They even picked up the tab for most of the work, even though they were not obligated to do so. It is clear that they truly value their customers. i would certainly buy another car from them and I highly recommend them.

Barry L – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Jose, CA

I first dealt with Chris several years ago when I purchased a Lexus from him. To this day, I can say it has been the best car purchasing experience I have ever had. I told him what I was looking for in a car and he steered me towards the car I needed. He’s very honest and confident in his knowledge yet not pushy. I couldn’t ask for anything more which is why I went back 2 weeks ago and purchased another car from him for my wife. I’m still driving the Lexus for 6 years now without a single problem. His associates are extremely helpful as well, which is what makes this place top notch in customer service. I highly recommend Prestige.

Rogdrick C – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Jose, CA

I have known George since I was about 3 years old. I have leased many cars through him at his previous gig. I have never bought a pre owned car before he and Chris opened up Prestige, so I was a little leery going into the process. Chris and George made the transition from leasing new cars to buying pre owned, an extremely easy and stress free process. They are hands down the best certified pre owned car dealership in the bay area, especially for the high end market. Their knowledge about the cars was second to none. I highly recommend Prestige for your next pre owned vehicle purchase. I have bought 3 cars from them this year! And will continue to give them my business when I am ready for an upgrade.

Julianna Q – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Campbell, CA

I give these guys an all around 5 star rating. from there service to there knowledge and the people who work there im very satisfied. Anthony is always working so hard and will go far and beyond for his costumers, He makes me self available 24/7 just to keep costumers happy. the owners Chris and George are extremely friendly and easy to talk to. Bottom line is i 100% recommend buying a car from them very well worth it and i was extremely happy with the ending results

Rick G – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Jose, CA

This dealership was great! George,Chris and Anthony are very friendly and professional. This was probably the fastest , easiest car purchase, I have ever made. Completely painless purchase. I would definitely refer a friend.

Richard B – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Dublin, CA

Anthony was outstanding! I have purchased many cars, mostly high-end. This time I needed not only a QUALITY CAR but someone that could help with financing. They HIT A HOME RUN with me and I WILL buy more CARS from them. For SURE! Great job guys!

Carlos M – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Cupertino, CA

I recently bought a VW GTI 2005. GREAT MILEAGE! GREAT CONDITION! And the car was manual… If you know about Volkswagen GTI’s with low mileage , manual… They are pretty difficult to find. Thank god I came across their dealership!! The service was great. Once I got to the dealership.. They approached me and greeted me well. Invited my family inside the office because it was hot outside. Once we sat down.. Cold refreshment waters were provided. Great hospitality. If anything, one thing that was a bit confusing. One man, I’m guessing the owner.. Kept on interrupting the guy who was selling us the car. The owner was a bit elderly, as known, elderly men often get carried away with stories. As for the owner kept on interrupting the man who was selling us the car about getting me involved into some credit union to pay less! I appreciate it so much!! They care about their customers… It just gets confusing when 2 people are talking to you about big numbers that are easy to mess up. Overall , I’d recommend this dealership to anyone who is looking for a new car!

Charles T – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Palo Alto, CA

We purchased a 2009 Acura TL from Prestige Pre-owned after searching True Car and USAA car-buying websites. Chris, Anthony, and George were all very helpful in disclosing the vehicle’s history and remedying two minor but important malfunctions with the tire pressure monitoring system sensors and seat control servers. They ended up having Acura replace both units to ensure trouble-free operation before delivering the vehicle. We appreciated their philosophy of making sure the whole used vehicle buying experience was satisfying and pleasant. We would recommend doing business with them.

Gabor S – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Sunnyvale, CA

I had a great experience purchasing a car through them. Both Chris and Anthony were personal, not pushy and honest about the cars that I was looking at, so there weren’t any suprises. I put 4000 miles in the car already and haven’t had any issue with it! I highly recommend them if you are in the market for a nice pre-owned car!

Loreley S – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Georgetown, CA

I couldn’t be happier with the car I bought, 2006 BMW M3! The staff at Prestige is knowledgeable and honest. A rare combination in the automotive industry. Thank you Anthony, George, and Chris for a great purchasing experience. My car makes me smile every time I start the engine.  [:-)]

Loreley S – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Georgetown, CA

I couldn’t be happier with the car I bought, 2006 BMW M3! The staff at Prestige is knowledgable and honest. A rare combination in the automotive industry. Thank you Anthony, George, and Chris for a great purchasing experience. My car makes me smile every time I start the engine.  [:-)]

Jo Ann M – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Mountain Home, ID

I saw a 2003 BMW Z4 online, at Prestige Pre-owned inc, with very low milage. I called Chris and he told me all about the car. He said it was like a new car inside and out. I decided to buy the car. I live out of state. He overnited all the paper work. on a timely bases. He was helpful in quoting me fees for transporting the car to me. I got the car in a few days. We had a minor problem getting the key to turn in the ignition after we received the car. We called Chris and he told us what to do and everything worked. It was security feature on the car. I was very pleased with dealing with Chris and his car dealership.

Dean G – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Santa Clara, CA

It started about 2 and half month ago, I was looking for a used Cadillac CTS. My dentist and I were having a conversation about cars when he told me he picked his up through (Chris) at Prestige auto in Campbell. So by his recommendation I called Chris and I couldn’t have been more pleased!! Believe me I was a pain in the ass, calling all the time to see what he had come up with….. Chris went above and beyond all my expectations!!!! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a used car….thanks again

Bharathi R – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Sunnyvale, CA

I recently moved to Bay Area and I was deliberately looking for a car. I did a lot of search in the online listing and visited many dealers but in vain. Luckily I found Prestige pre-owned and thought I would give them a try. I just walked-in to them and told my requirement. Their inventory is full of premium cars which are better in shape than most of the dealers. I hate to do business with the corporate dealers/shops as they are always with the sales number that they have to accomplish at the end of the day. It is very rare to find a honest sales guy in the corporate dealership. But here it is run by friends and family where they don’t have such tight sales number and very straight forward and honest. Anthony, Chris and George are very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Anthony helped me to find my beloved 2007 Audi A4 and patiently answered all my questions about the car history and found a cheap and best extended warranty. I had a pleasant experience buying a car here and I’m very happy that I did go with them.

Christina C – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Walnut Creek, CA

My 2008 Audi A4 was in an accident and I was looking to replace it with something similar. Chris had invaluable knowledge about Audi’s. I drove all the way from Walnut Creek to take a look at a 2008 Audi A4 he had almost identical to mine. I had a few to chose from and I bought his car that day. More than the car, Chris sold me on his knowledge, his nature, his reputation and honesty. I really put the man through his paces. I was so emotional from my accident and he made me feel at ease. I was able to return after I purchased the car for his concierge service and he made repairs at little to no cost. It was more important to him to make the customer happy then to save a buck. It was amazing! Prior to this purchase I had never bought a used car before assuming it would be a bad experience but Chris proved me wrong. I had been over paying for decades. I can honestly say I will never buy a new car again and I hope I can refer others and buy future cars from Prestige Pre-Owned in the future. Chris is a car GOD and a nice guy :)) Check them out and tell them Cristina sent you!

Miguel L – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Jose, CA

Chris is what me and my buddy’s call a TRUE ONE! he knows the vehicles and will go out of his way to provide that excellent customer service. I strongly advice anybody looking for used vehicles to stop by and talk to him and his staff. Great location, easy to get to. His website has financing application process for those looking for a great car loan. Got my daughter a 2015 Toyota Tacoma. Exactly what she was looking for. Thank you Chris.

Christopher F – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Jose, CA

Just bought my second Car through these Guys, and Again NO Disappointments, My wife’s car is exactly as described on craigslist and the website, Actually delivered even better than advertised. These Guys have proved they are the real deal.. I’m happy about my first car that i decided to go look at a car for my wife since it needed a 150 k maintenance and had leaks .. So when i got to to the dealership , I received VIP treatment, And again Chris And Anthony are superior to others with their knowledge on European cars . Super satisfied with this establishment.. I also received instant trade in value that i was VERY pleased with , and had to negotiate the price down to accommodate my budget.. All an all.. 5 stars

Nitish P – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Fremont, CA

Purchased a vehicle from them and Anthony did a fabulous job in explaining the condition of the vehicle and gave a good price overall. I would give them 5 stars but its just that the vehicle did not have a duplicate key am not giving all five. However, they gave me a key to have it programed so its not a big deal. I would recommend any one looking for a used/preowned car to stop by this place first before going elsewhere. The good thing about the deal was they let me drive the used car just by making a down payment even before the total price was paid from my financing company which came as a big surprise to me. Bottom line they are very good at what they do and make customers happy.

Hando C – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Jose, CA

What a quality experience working with Prestige Pre-Owned! I needed help getting a used tire that would match nicely with my current set so I was told by a friend to give Prestige Pre-Owned a call. I called them up and was greeted by a sales associate by the name of Anthony. Anthony went above and beyond the call of duty to help me get a match on a tire and he also told me where to go in order to get it. Without the help of Prestige Pre-Owned and especially the assistance I received from Anthony I’m honestly not sure what I would’ve done. He made the process of helping me get a tire easy and quick and I would recommend going Prestige Pre-Owned to any of my family and friends because they are an honest and trustworthy business. Thanks Prestige Pre-Owned and thanks for all your help Anthony!

Elena V – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Alviso, CA

What a great place to do business. Everyone is great there! I felt taken care of and I left very happy. I saw the car I wanted on their Craiglist listing, and then I read the Yelp reviews. I thought “Let me take a chance” and I’m glad I did. I’ve gone through the process of buying cars before and they feel like a hassle. Not here. There was no pressure. A Carfax was provided for free, and I test drove. I felt sure I was buying a quality vehicle. Before you go anywhere else, give them a try. I guarantee you will leave satisfied.

Alba V – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Jose, CA

Just bought a beautiful mini-cooper from these guys! Anthony and George were a delight! Being new to the area, I really needed a fair deal done quickly. They worked with me to make it happen, understanding my needs and what I was looking for at all times. The car runs perfectly by the way, I am so glad it worked out!

Ben K – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Jose, CA

Hands down the best high end certified used car dealership in the bay area! Chris, George and Anthony were all extremely friendly, soooo knowledgeable and most importantly, honest. I was a first time car buyer and did my bit of research before coming here, but it was incredible how seamless Chris made the process and personally walked me through financing, warranty etc. in immense detail. I also traded in my car here and got immense trade-in value. They were upfront, generous and fast when it came to this process. Again, completely seamless. I have had the car (BMW 3 series) for almost a year and there has been no issues whatsoever. They even help me advise on performance parts and directed me to some great vendors that give me a great deal through referrals. You just can’t say enough about these guys and they are truly running a very fine establishment. I personally will never go to another dealership again other than Prestige, ever, and neither should you. You would be making a mistake if you did not check them out before making your next car purchase. I have no doubt they will take care of you.

Jonathan S – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Francisco, CA

Over the years I have purchased many vehicles. My experience at Prestige was one of the best ever. Every aspect from 5 star service to the quality of vehicles offered, sales staff, and Service. I recommend Prestige to anyone looking for a high end vehicle. A special thanks to Chris the owner as he made sure I was happy!

Iris D – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Leandro, CA

If you’re looking for a pre-owned, definitely make it a point to stop by this place first, all the other dealerships won’t compare. About to have a baby and Me and my boyfriend were on crunch time looking for a new car. We spent all Sunday morning going to every used car dealerships, which I know are about sales but didn’t feel comfortable at any of them and all the cars and people seemed so sketchy. We came across Prestige and right when we walked in Chris gave off a great vibe. Not pushy, very informative. He definitely knew about the cars he had on his lot, history and whatnot. For the buying process, we worked w Anthony who made the process easy and he knew his stuff. We don’t have the best credit but they were able to get everything to work for us. During the process, Chris and Anthony would give us tips or any additional info on them, or financing, or the cars. We came on a Sunday so not a lot of banks are open. Our apr was a little high but Chris said he always tries to get his customers a lower one and he will still try again on Monday when the other banks are open, which the extra effort (even after the sale) goes to show that these are good people. The environment is amazing as well. For a pre-owned dealer, it’s not like those little portable huts. It really feels like you are at one of this Toyota owned dealerships, like the nice ones w coffee and water, couches, big screen. Overall, this is the place to go. Cars and people are great, trustworthy.

Shannon L – Happy Customer Review From Yelp Mountain View, CA

Chris does not just sell pre-owned cars, but he is a “car concierge.” That means that the relationship doesn’t just end when you buy the car. He can help with whatever you need going forward- estimate on repairs from his trusted network, finding a great deal on a part etc. He was a referral from a good friend of mine who is a high school friend of his and she has purchased all her cars through him. Wouldn’t buy a used car from anyone else!

MONICA G – Happy Customer Review From Yelp San Francisco, CA

Great experience all around. We were looking for a very specific car, and after finding it in their inventory we decided to give it a look. Car was as described, was in great condition, and pricing was fair. The process as well was very seamless and didn’t feel ‘pushy’. We are very happy with our purchase and would recommend them for anybody looking for a used, high-end car in very good condition, at fair prices.

Louis W – Happy Customer Review from Yelp Vacaville, CA

Searched online for my new vehicle, and visited Prestige pre-owned first because of their incredible inventory. The BMW X3 I bought was as beautiful as advertised on their website! Staff friendly and knowledgeable. No pressure to make the sell. Anthony was our salesman, but everyone there helped to make my purchase a great experience! I will be buying my next vehicle here too!<